Teach For Kenya champions a multidisciplinary approach to education reform. We view Teaching as Collective Leadership and students as the promise of a brighter future for all Kenyans.

Why We Exist (The Problem)

The Opportunity (Our Model)

What would change the trajectory of children in Kenya’s low-income communities?

The only way to address these complex and interconnected challenges is through collective leadership – and we propose building a movement of Teach For Kenya fellows and alumni working alongside local communities, who are committed to developing local solutions to challenges in the following dimensions:

The Solution


We recruit Kenya’s most promising university graduates and high-performing young professionals to serve as full-time teachers in low-income schools for two years. Teach For Kenya’s staff provide training and support to Fellows to employ innovative teaching strategies to maximize their effectiveness in the classroom.


After the two-year intensive leadership development program, these leaders will be supported to take up leadership roles across society that will collectively contribute to the change needed across Kenya to transform our schools, schooling systems, and the broader ecosystem of social and economic opportunity

Teach for Kenya's Work

Leveraging the support of the local authorities, parents, school principals, teachers, students, and other key stakeholders and other local NGOs. Teach For Kenya is:
  • Supporting the capacity development of the existing pool of teachers in Nairobi and Kisumu County by recruiting and selecting committed teachers to become Teach For Kenya fellows who can benefit from the initial training and ongoing support. We also offer opportunities for ongoing support to teachers that are not part of the fellowship through the Teacher Professional Development Program by partnering with the county government and primary schools.
  •  Preparing primary students for a successful transition to secondary education by placing Teach For Kenya fellows as teacher leaders for two years in Kenya’s most under-resourced primary schools and communities. The fellows go through a six-week intensive training program, to prepare them for the journey ahead. They focus their teaching on English, Math, and Science in grades 2 – 6 through practical instruction, while also developing socio-emotional and 21st-century skills in their students, helping expand the pipeline for leadership in Kenya.
  • Strengthening parent engagement and support for children’s education by developing mindsets and skills in fellows to work alongside community members, families, and local leaders toward a shared vision for student success. In particular, Teach For Kenya works with parents to build a deep understanding of the importance of education for all.
  • Each TFK Fellow participates in a design challenge during their second year in the fellowship to solve existing challenges in the community which begins to plant seeds for locally-led problem-solving. The fellows work with, integrate, and coordinate with parents, guardians, and local government leaders on household challenges hindering children’s enrollment, retention, and successful completion.