Flowing Wisdom

Meet Njeri Kamau, a passionate and dedicated Teach For Kenya fellow who is making a significant impact on the education system in Kenya.
Njeri’s unwavering commitment to inspiring young minds at Mkuru Kwa Njenga Primary School in Nairobi is truly admirable.

The project is known as ‘Flowing Wisdom,’ an initiative that aims to bridge the knowledge gap among adolescent boys and girls when it comes to matters of menstrual health management and ultimately strives to create a period-friendly environment within our school community where all females can manage their period with dignity free from stigma and shame.

We do this by educating and empowering adolescent boys and girls as well as their teachers
with the knowledge, information, and providing sustainable resources that they need to
confidently manage their periods and make informed decisions about their health

By including boys, we hope to help them cultivate empathy and be supportive allies to their peers during this process. Additionally, we empower the teachers to create a supportive environment whereby
their learners can confidently approach them for help without fear

So far, the project has collaborated with organizations such as Huru International and Padmad Kenya for resource and information support. These partnerships have enabled them educate and distribute over 235 sustainable period products to adolescents at Kwa Njenga primary and over 500 products to our neighboring communities.

Let’s continue to support and educate young girls on this vital topic

Njeri, a Fellow at Teach For Kenya leads an essential Menstrual Health Education workshop in schools. With a thoughtful and empathetic approach, she engages with girls to discuss menstrual hygiene and management.
We understand the importance of sustainable menstrual products, such as reusable pads, and encourages their use. Not only do these products offer an Eco-friendly solution, but they also promote economic sustainability and long-term access to menstrual products.

Join the movement and help create a world where women and girls are no longer held back because they menstruate.