Teach For Kenya champions a multidisciplinary approach to education reform. We view Teaching as Collective Leadership and students as the promise of a brighter future for all Kenyans.

You Can Make a Difference

Why donate for Kenya?

You will be giving a child access to a trained and dedicated teacher.

By donating you will help fund the cost of placing an outstanding young teacher leader who will create a long-lasting impact in a child’s life for two years.

Through two years of service as full-time, core-subject teachers in low-income schools, Teach For Kenya teachers (called  “Fellows”) lead their students to develop the academic knowledge, skills, and mindsets needed to embark on dramatically improved life paths.

Simultaneously, through the experience of teaching and working with local community leaders, Fellows gain a deep understanding of the issues surrounding educational inequity, becoming equipped and motivated to advance the cause of educational equity from various professional fields.