Teach For Kenya champions a multidisciplinary approach to education reform. We view Teaching as Collective Leadership and students as the promise of a brighter future for all Kenyans.

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Global Knowledge Sharing Can Transform Kenya’s Education

Imagine opening the doors to your home, finally free of the solitary confinement that grounded the world, but then perceiving a sense of disconnectedness from humanity. That’s how we felt coming out of the COVID lockdown of 2020. Adrift for months in the digital sea of social media, watching the seasons change from the window […]

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If Tomorrow Never Comes

The classroom is packed with tiny desks, resembling a family of sardines. The walls are covered with colorful manila papers, stickers that proudly display key learning points, and perhaps some infantile graffiti that adds a touch of youthful exuberance. An image of a clock, a cow, and a bus are displayed in different corners of the room. There is a blackboard with arithmetic homework on another wall.

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Changing the paradigm of Education through Partnership

In pursuit of addressing the systemic challenges faced in high need schools in Kenya, we partnered with ProFuturo, where we trained our Cohort 1 Fellows by elevating their knowledge on; how to be visionary teacher leaders, how to have a positive classroom culture, and integrating technology in the classroom. Additionally, we began to cascade this […]